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Natural Pak 
The Natural Choice

Natural Pak The Natural Choice

Natural Pak is an emerging company in the environmentally friendly, compostable and sustainable food packaging industry, established in 2019 and has been in development to launch in mid 2020.

Natural pak has been established in collaboration with a partner company Bee Dee Bags which commenced operations in 1974 and over the years has grown to be a leader in the retail packaging segment, working with many big and small retailers to supply quality retail packaging. 

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Natural Pak
Our Vision

Natural Pak Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the way in transitioning to environmentally friendly and sustainable food packaging that is a practical, quality product which is also helps us build the kind of world that our generation will be proud to leave future generations.

Mankind currently produces two billion tonnes of waste per year globally among 7.6 billion people. Driven by rapid urbanization and growing populations, waste generation is expected to jump to 3.4 billion tonnes over the next 30 years, outlining how unsustainable living has impacted on the planet we live in and how good waste management systems are essential to building a circular economy when products are designed and optimized for reuse and recycling.

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Natural Pak
Our Values

Natural Pak Our Values

Our core values have lead us to develop a product range that is an alternative to single use and non-recyclable plastic food packaging to supply the food industry. We have been selective in our range of products to ensure that each item that we offer is not just environmentally friendly but also a quality and functional product. Therefore, as we commence trading our product range may initially appear to be smaller than some of our industry competitors but as we progress further along our product development pathway, more products will be added to the Natural Pak range, so what this space! In the mean time, you can rest assured that the current Natural Pak range is a fantastic base range has everything you need to get started and transition your business in to environmentally sustainable food packaging.

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